#youmightbeanautismparentif ipad Mini cases

When Looking at cases for my technology the 1st brand I instinctively go to is one that I know personally to work. So the 1st case on the list is-

It comes in 3 colors Black, Pink, and Grey

#1 OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case for iPad Mini


This next one I just love! It is by a Respectable company and it has arms and feet!!!!

#2 Speck iGuy Standing Cover for iPad Mini


This next case I love the handle on it! My son runs around with his ipod and I wish it had a handle on it because he drops it!! ALL THE TIME!!! We pay too much for this technology to break it!!! It is also very versatile and perfect for viewing videos on! I love that it comes in 5 colors to choose from Black, Green, Magenta, Purple, Red, and it is very affordable!

#3 rooCASE Slim-Fit (Green) Folio Case Cover with Multi Adjustable Viewing Angles for Apple iPad Mini 7.9-Inch Tablet


I simply Love this cover and if I had a little Girl this is the cover I would get her it is so ADORABLE! It has good reviews is versatile and affordable and comes in 4 different colors!

#4 i-Blason Dalmation Series Auto Wake / Sleep Smart Cover Book Shell Stand case Cover for Apple New iPad Mini 7.9 Inch Wifi 3G 4G LTE with Built-in Stand Polka Dot Design


The next one looks perfect for toddlers or those you know are rougher on their ipads! It also comes in 3 colors Black, Pink, and Blue. It is versatile as well the handle folds so the ipad can stand.

#5 i-Blason ArmorBox Kido Series Light Weight Super Protection Convertable Stand Cover Case for Apple New iPad Mini 7.9 Inch Kids Friendly


These are the cases that stood out to me so far and there are LOTS More out there! Shop well!


#youmightbeanautismparentif Bullies, Burgers, and Ice Cream Oh My!

We went to McDonalds tonight. I wanted to get a treat for the end of this term for Little Man. I was very specific and told him to choose 1 treat he went back and forth but finally settled on a burger. I told him ok but you aren’t getting an ice cream later and I know he heard me. We eat and he goes to play. I listen out for him and pay attention to his interactions after a while I hear him yell “I am not a baby!” Then nothing I wait a minute and it seems fine I hear him talking to the kids then it comes again “I am not a baby!” Followed by crying I call him over and he tells me a girl called him a baby. She looked to be about 2 years older and for whatever reason she felt the need to bully Little Man. She may have been jealous or wanted to play but didn’t know how to enter the group?! Either way Little Man’s words were clear he set a boundary and she kept crossing it and bullying him. I told him I am sorry the Little girl was being mean and he needs to keep telling her to stop if she bothers him. The mom of the girl talked to her child then left after buying her and ice cream cone of course!!!!WTF to that!!!!! So the kids were having fun once again. When it was time to leave Little Man decided he wanted an ice cream so I explained to him that he made a choice and he chose the burger so he said “but I changed my mind!” He cried all the way home and then more in his room. He finally came to me crying and said “I can’t stop! I can’t calm down!” So I sent him to take a shower and told him I would make soup and hot coco he finally calmed down after he got his pjs on 🙂

My Baby Boy


My sweet baby Little Man before he ever showed any symptoms. This was when he was a sweet happy and content baby. Before he became the grunting, fit throwing, energy driven toddler. I love him at every stage but I want my baby back again 😦

Little Man vs his 13yr old cousin

Little Man challenged his 13yr old cousin to a gladiator style jumpy arena fight where you stand on podiums.


Little Man couldn’t stand up alone because the podium was too wobbly, he was scared.


So my nephew reached out to lend him a helping hand.


Then the fight begins!


Then my nephew reaches over and pulls him down soooo funny!


The Pumpkin Patch

We had some good fun this weekend at the Pumpkin Patch and a picture speaks a thousand words!






Home School Progress!

As you can imagine being an Autism Mom, Working Mom, and Homeschooling Mom has been taking so much of my time it is really hard to be a Blogging Mom! I have seen much progress in the past 4 weeks! Little Man is enjoying home school I think but he misses the socialization aspect of school. When I pull out glue, scissors, and crayons Little Man gets really excited he cannot believe that he gets to do such fun stuff for school! My Mom gave Little Man a Lesson in shading and he did a great job! I cannot believe it was from my little 8yr old! We have some problems of course still but they are minor. He has a hard time retaining information at times and he keeps telling me he has short term memory loss or that his brain is broken……. I give him 2 chances I read a few sentences then ask him the question and if he doesn’t remember the answer he then has to find the answer and read it and then tell me the answer. I like this method so he is then learning research skills as well. Little Man LOVES Science! Not the reading as much but he loves the interactive things he gets to do on the computer and the experiments! Little Man is learning to answer questions when he is asked them as well. When we first started 4 weeks ago he did not know how to answer questions because his teacher rarely ever asked him questions. Now he tries to have a ready answer even if it is “I don’t know.” He is doing well and learning and that is what is most important. I have high hopes that someday in the near future that I can be the one home schooling Little Man full time.




The week I nearly put my brain in the blender……..

I feel like I blended my brain. This was the 1st week of homeschooling Little Man. I am happy that there are a lot of the things online through the charter school I am a little irritated that all the teaching guides are online to be “printed” out………I DONT HAVE A PRINTER!!!!! So it sucks I have been writing teaching guides for my mom. Apparently I live in the stone age. Everything has been going well. Little Man periodically says he wants to go back to school. I know we are doing the right thing. This morning I gave him an activity to do at breakfast time and by lunch he still wasn’t done so I switched activities. He seems to like the science a lot! He says he hates math and I agree so do I! I want to try out “The Life of Fred series” for math. He is currently using Saxon math I like the worksheets but not the lessons I am suppose to teach. Everything else seems to be going well. I just wish I could be the one staying home with him and homeschooling him so I can do everything the way I want to…….