Not So Little Man

You all have been with me through some really rough times. I know I disappeared for a few because, we all know, Life happens. Well a lot has gone on, to say the least!  I’ve been busy and there have been a lot of changes and to tell you the truth Little Man handled them really well. October of 2014 brought on divorce in our family. We let Little Man chose where he wanted to live, dad was moving back to Illinois, I stayed in California. Little Man had a few months to decide. after a lot of deliberation he went with his dad. It was a struggle but I felt in my heart he would do well. He has been doing amazing! He has made friends in school and church and although he still calls California home he is doing amazing in Illinois. He is no longer in speech and he is caught up to grade level in reading, he’s in 7th grade!

With much deliberation I decided to return to school so I am currently in college for an A.A. in Speech Pathology Assist and I plan on getting a B.A. in Speech Pathology afterwards. I look forward to being able to help children and parents that are on their own journeys.

  • Seeing how far my own Little Man has come on his journey and getting to know the teenager he is becoming is so beautiful♡

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