#youmightbeanautismparentif you become emotional about them maturing

When Doug ‘ s dad passed away we ended up with a 3rd phone line that we weren’t using. I suggested that we get Little Man an iPhone.  I really wasn’t thinking that he would be using it for calls really but I wanted him to be able to play his games on it. Yesterday I called him because my mom didn’t answer well Little Man didn’t answer either so I hung up. A little while later I got a call from him. I said hi and asked him what he was doing and he kept up with the conversation and he barely shied away from the phone like he normally does when he is nervous. They were at a restaurant and he started telling me what he could order and told me what he was choosing. I am amazed and so emotional that my child is maturing and being more responsible. He still acts like a 7 yr old at times but more and more he is showing me that he is almost 10!  I stand back and look at my Little Man and he is truly growing into his nickname.


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