Little Man is getting a Kindle Fire!

I just put my pre-order in last night for a Kindle Fire for Little Man! They dropped in price and it will be the gen 3. I cannot wait to get it! He won’t get it till Xmas! Reasons I went with Kindle instead of my favored ipad? Well I was going to scrape together the $300 for the iPad mini but watching the Kindle commercials I realized the Kindle Fire had an option that would be so useful for me! I love that you can create a profile Ann’s put time limits on how long your child plays games and reads!!! I love it! And I am planning on investing in the Amazon Prime as well so I can read books for free and watch movies it’s such a great deal! So much better than wasting money on Netflix! So I will be reviewing the Gen 3 Kindle Fire for you at a later date! 


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