#youmightbeanautismparentif Bullies, Burgers, and Ice Cream Oh My!

We went to McDonalds tonight. I wanted to get a treat for the end of this term for Little Man. I was very specific and told him to choose 1 treat he went back and forth but finally settled on a burger. I told him ok but you aren’t getting an ice cream later and I know he heard me. We eat and he goes to play. I listen out for him and pay attention to his interactions after a while I hear him yell “I am not a baby!” Then nothing I wait a minute and it seems fine I hear him talking to the kids then it comes again “I am not a baby!” Followed by crying I call him over and he tells me a girl called him a baby. She looked to be about 2 years older and for whatever reason she felt the need to bully Little Man. She may have been jealous or wanted to play but didn’t know how to enter the group?! Either way Little Man’s words were clear he set a boundary and she kept crossing it and bullying him. I told him I am sorry the Little girl was being mean and he needs to keep telling her to stop if she bothers him. The mom of the girl talked to her child then left after buying her and ice cream cone of course!!!!WTF to that!!!!! So the kids were having fun once again. When it was time to leave Little Man decided he wanted an ice cream so I explained to him that he made a choice and he chose the burger so he said “but I changed my mind!” He cried all the way home and then more in his room. He finally came to me crying and said “I can’t stop! I can’t calm down!” So I sent him to take a shower and told him I would make soup and hot coco he finally calmed down after he got his pjs on 🙂


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