Home School Progress!

As you can imagine being an Autism Mom, Working Mom, and Homeschooling Mom has been taking so much of my time it is really hard to be a Blogging Mom! I have seen much progress in the past 4 weeks! Little Man is enjoying home school I think but he misses the socialization aspect of school. When I pull out glue, scissors, and crayons Little Man gets really excited he cannot believe that he gets to do such fun stuff for school! My Mom gave Little Man a Lesson in shading and he did a great job! I cannot believe it was from my little 8yr old! We have some problems of course still but they are minor. He has a hard time retaining information at times and he keeps telling me he has short term memory loss or that his brain is broken……. I give him 2 chances I read a few sentences then ask him the question and if he doesn’t remember the answer he then has to find the answer and read it and then tell me the answer. I like this method so he is then learning research skills as well. Little Man LOVES Science! Not the reading as much but he loves the interactive things he gets to do on the computer and the experiments! Little Man is learning to answer questions when he is asked them as well. When we first started 4 weeks ago he did not know how to answer questions because his teacher rarely ever asked him questions. Now he tries to have a ready answer even if it is “I don’t know.” He is doing well and learning and that is what is most important. I have high hopes that someday in the near future that I can be the one home schooling Little Man full time.





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