The week I nearly put my brain in the blender……..

I feel like I blended my brain. This was the 1st week of homeschooling Little Man. I am happy that there are a lot of the things online through the charter school I am a little irritated that all the teaching guides are online to be “printed” out………I DONT HAVE A PRINTER!!!!! So it sucks I have been writing teaching guides for my mom. Apparently I live in the stone age. Everything has been going well. Little Man periodically says he wants to go back to school. I know we are doing the right thing. This morning I gave him an activity to do at breakfast time and by lunch he still wasn’t done so I switched activities. He seems to like the science a lot! He says he hates math and I agree so do I! I want to try out “The Life of Fred series” for math. He is currently using Saxon math I like the worksheets but not the lessons I am suppose to teach. Everything else seems to be going well. I just wish I could be the one staying home with him and homeschooling him so I can do everything the way I want to…….


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