#youmightbeanautismparentif I am sooo hopefull!

I approached my Mom with the idea of her and my Dad helping to homeschool Little Man! He would still attend classes 2 days a week and my parents would watch him the other 3 I would give Little Man the work he can complete without instruction to do at my parents house and I would do the rest with him at home at night and on the weekends. I hope my Dad wants to go along with it!!! My Mom liked the idea she seemed positive about it and is going to talk with my Dad. My motivation is to get Little Man out of the school district and off of medication I believe that he no longer needs it and I would like to take him off of it permanently. I have found some alternatives I would like to try and if these natural alternatives work you better believe I will be raving about them here on my blog!! I may even sign up to be a distributor! Please say a prayer for me!! I hope my Dad is for the idea! Little Man said he want’s to stay at our house all day and play video games LOL! I told him “not quite what I had in mind!” I will be called the school tomorrow to see if I can schedule a tour for my honey and I hopefully we can check it out on my lunch break next week.


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