I LOVE helping Little Man with his homework

Since last week I have been working 7-4 and I have been able to be home in time to help Little Man with his homework. I LOVE being the one to do that. All last year I worked 9-6 and it sucked! My son had to do his homework in daycare and they often times didn’t check his work and have him redo it so when I was suppose to be making dinner I was really helping him with homework. I am so happy that I can be the one to help him instead of leaving him to incompetent……..ignorant people that didn’t understand him, his thought process, or his need for a peaceful environment without distractions. In the beginning of this school year Little Man started with being defiant at homework time but thankfully he stopped dragging in his heals and he gets to it so that he can get to play time. 🙂



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