Little Man’s thoughts while I play a video game

I was playing My Sims Kingdom and was designing a room and Little Man notices the room is for a boy and a girl. He says “hey they can’t share a room they aren’t married!” I said no it’s fine they have separate beds. “No they can’t you told me so!” Darn! I now I need to remember this conversation! Thankfully he gives me a clue! “You said if I get a sister we can’t share a room!” Yes that was true for if we fostered a child but if mommy gave birth to another baby and it was a girl you would share a room with her. “I don’t want to share my room.” Little Man then complains……. It’s funny to see what he is thinking I am not even sure what I have said to him about living arrangements before but he has obviously put it into his head that you should be married before you can live together 🙂


2 thoughts on “Little Man’s thoughts while I play a video game

  1. I am always amazed at the recall of seemingly random comments and conversations. I must constantly remind myself that even though he may give no outward indication of paying attention, he processes everything.

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