My Blog Post From Myspace: Wonderful Moments as a Parent

January 5th, 2007

Current mood:happy

Wonderful moments as a Parent

* Seeing your child for the first time and holding them

* Watching them Sleep.

* When they smile or laugh while asleep.

* Hearing them laugh.

* Hearing them call you Mama or Dada.

* Getting hugs in the Morning or anytime really but half asleep hugs are my favorite.

* Watching your parents play with them.

* Being the one they run to when they get hurt. ( No one wants their child to be hurt but the feeling you get because they know you will make them feel better)

* The smell of their hair after a bath. (Sorry if you think I am weird but I am not the only one who does it)

* This one is my Favorite because I finally heard these words last month from my own. Hearing them say “I Love You” for the first time.


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