My Blog Post From Myspace: What I have learned so far as a Parent.

September 2nd, 2007

What I have learned so far as a parent.

Current mood:amused

1. Children are God’s way of teaching us how to pray.

2. No matter how emberassed it makes you that your child says hello to everyone that walks by there is still something more embarassing waiting to happen (Such as saying poopoo really loud in front of a group of people, because they just did)

3. Just because you cleaned the house an hour ago doesn’t mean it will still be clean an hour later.

4. Don’t give your kid chocolate milk for lunch if you want them to take a nap!

5. Always carry a diaper even if your 3 year old is potty trained you may need it!

6. Ignore the looks that people give you when you are pushing a screaming child around in a cart at Walmart, they have no clue.

7. Even if you put them to bed late so you can sleep in on the weekend, it never works out so don’t go to bed too late.

8. You can never just walk straight to the car you have to stop, examine, and talk about spider webs, plants, and flowers along the way.


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