My Blog Post From Myspace: Saturday Morning…….

August 3rd, 2008

Saturday Morning……..

Current mood:indescribable

My son usually comes in my room on weekends and gets in our bed and wakes me up but………not this weekend. Instead he woke up and went in the livingroom and climbed up the entertainment center(Thank you God for keeping him safe in the endeavor) and came in my room and woke me up to show me what he had gotten as I sit there flabbergasted he runs off and we meet about 4min later in the hallway and he has a cup full of cold water, we have one of those 2 gallon water bottles with the pullout spout in the fridge so I go look in the fridge and there is water all over the ground and in the fridge. Later when I went to get some water I found out he twisted the spout upsidedown and water started to spray out like a fountain…….I had to laugh….So my son is ever becoming more and more self sufficient…..please pray with me for his safety……


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