My Blog Post From Myspace: My Boy Falls in the Shower……..

May 3rd, 2007

My Boy Falls in the Shower…….

Current mood:thankful
So I took a day off before my sons birthday so that we could hang out and do somethings that really needed to get done. So I let him play in the shower while I cleaned up a little and than got in myself so after I put conditioner in my hair and had soaped up, my son opens the door and slipped and bumped his head so he stands up crying and I call him to me and I notice blood on his shoulders and he is grabbing his head. So I pull him to me and rinse his head off, trying to find where it is coming from and I put a towel on his head and hold it there. Thank God I got the bleeding to stop and I made a doctors appointment for him immediatley. The cut was small but deep and he needed 2 staples. But we had the staples removed yesterday and he is doing well. When he slipped his head fell against the metal stripping that keeps water from going under the door.


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