My Blog Post From Myspace: His First Trip to the Dentist!!

April 13, 2007

His first trip to the Dentist!!

Current mood:relieved
My son had his first dental experience on Friday and he was none to thrilled about it. I arrived after they had tried to take an X-ray of his teeth. He hit the camera and pushed it away. So they brought him into the room to move things along and start cleaning his teeth. My husband and I had to hold him down while the RDA (AKA My sister, his aunt) cleaned his teeth while he squirmed and screamed. After that experience he came to me and I passed him to my sister who he hugged and cried, so everything was good again while he searched for a toy in the goody box. Until about 15 min later while my husband and I wait in the back room we hear my son scream as the Dr. arrived and proceed to place him back in the chair. He wouldn’t sit in the chair so he was placed on his Aunts lap and examined. So all said and done we now know he is cavity free!! YAY!! And not another Dental Appt for another 6 months.


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