My Blog Post From Myspace: Easter Memories old and new …….

May 22nd, 2008

Easter Memories old and new…….

Current mood:content

I had alot of fun today just making memories with my son. We watched a claymation easter movie and colored eggs in the morning then we headed to the church to enjoy an egg hunt, raffle, hamburgers, Jumpy’s, the Easter bunny, and horsey rides & petting zoo. Then we headed to Grandmas. I saw that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was starting, the old one. So I turned it on and it was just beginning so I sat with Donovan in my lap and we watched the chocolate. It just brought me back to the way I felt when I would watch it when I was little, I was happy to just sit and share that moment with my son. I wish we could have watched the whole thing together but alas my son is still young and after that my parents walked in the door ……….child +sugar+short nap+ Grandparents = CHAOS……….But I enjoyed every moment of it 🙂


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