My Blog Post From Myspace: Breakfast.

September 3rd, 2007


Current mood:loved

So my son woke up before me, he always does on my day off. As usual he brings his blanket and pillow and water cup and tries to get in bed with me, since Doug is home he chose to lay at my foot of the bed. A little bit later I hear Doug saying “Go to your room and play.” So I pick him up and put him in his bed with his stuff and I go back to sleep. When I wake up again later I found him in the livingroom playing with toys. I ask him “Are you hungry?” and he points to his place at the table and says “Look Cereal.” I look over and he had taken the gallon size Ziploc bag of Strawberry Cheerios off the counter took it to the table and opened it (without making a mess I might add) and was obviously eating it out of the bag (thank God he didn’t try to get a bowl and pour it!) Then when I walked in the kitchen I see an applesauce on the counter that he had gotten out of the fridge and tried to open. So I open it for him and get a bowl for some cereal and a cup of milk. I just think that it was so sweet he didn’t want to wake me so he tried to serve himself breakfast!


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