#youmightbeanautismparentif New School for Little Man

We requested an inter-District transfer for Little Man he will be going to a new school this year. I was so worried and freaked out about this. I don’t like changes for him. I was almost willing to just keep him in that school just because he is comfortable there. I have spoken with 2 people who’s kids go to this school that we are going to be sending Little Man to and I heard a few things that made me jump at the chance to send Little Man to this new school. Lower Class Sizes. Reading Practice outside of the classroom for kids that are falling behind in reading. FREE Afterschool Daycare! Another plus is it is down the street from my work. I also found out that one of the counselors from his current school that left a year ago left to go to this school so one of the people that was very helpful with advocating for his education is at that school. I hope this will be a positive change and I hope we get the chance to be able to show him around the campus before school starts. I am still a little nervous for him I understand how uncomfortable new places can be but I think he will fit right in.


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