“What Happened to his legs??” Says my 8yr old with Autism

My son and I were watching the Olympics tonight. I especially wanted him to see Oscar Pistorius compete. Little Man noticed right away and he asks “What happened to his legs?” and I told him the little that I knew I told him “His legs didn’t work when he was born they were broken.” So to open the conversation up a little more I said “What do you think of that?” His reply “I don’t like it.” me knowing how Little Man can be and what he really means I said “You think its unfair that he doesn’t have legs?” His reply was “Yes………did someone cut them off?” I said “yes the doctors did when he was little.” I could tell Little Man was having a hard time grasping this he doesn’t understand it, he believes in fairness and since he has 2 legs and everyone he currently knows has 2 legs how does this one person not have them?! So I used the best example I could “When Oscar was in his Mommy his legs didn’t form right and God knew that. When he got older God gave someone the knowledge to make those Prosthetics or fake legs so that he could compete in the Olympics and try to win Gold.” “What does compete mean?” “to race against someone?” (I hope that’s an accurate description????)  So I explained to him what a big deal it is for Oscar to be able to compete in the Olympics and afterwards Little Man says………..”But God didn’t give me fake legs”  I think Little Man is now a little Envious of Oscar Pistorius!


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