Little Man and Mommy have a relaxing Saturday

This morning Little Man came into my room and the sound of his ipod woke me up. So I got up turned on the tv to Gravity Falls Little Man’s new favorite show and I hopped onto the Elliptical and started my 4 min workout….I am still building up my endurance on this piece of equipment……when I was 20 I was able to use it for a 1/2 an hour straight….. Anyways we kept switching back and forth between the Olympics and Gravity Falls so we both were able to watch what we wanted. The only part of the Olympics Little Man wanted to watch was anything with Michael Phelps and he had to win the Gold or Little Man didn’t want to watch it. Then I made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Later we went in and started to organize Little Man’s room I left him to do a few tasks on his own before I helped him then we worked together to get everything sorted out. Then we stopped for lunch and took a long break until just before dinner. While the Parmesan Chicken and peas were cooking we went back and finished up and prepared his tent for the night so he could have a campout on the floor of his room. During dinner we watched Holes and Little Man kept trying to work out on the elliptical he actually got going pretty good for a while it tired him out quick! It was a nice day Good night.


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