Fun at the Water Park on my last day of vacation

Today we went to the theater and saw “We Bought a Zoo” For free because our movie theater offers free movies every Tuesday at 10:00am and 12:30pm during the summer. Little Man realized the dynamics were different and was talking louder than normal and telling me he wanted to leave already and go to the water park. Finally after the movie was over we walked to Burger King and I let Little Man play on the slide and we ate and when my sister arrived we went to the water park. I was so glad! When we got there the lady said it was Happy Hour so we only had to pay $10 per person! Instead of $16.95! We suited Little Man and the other kiddos with life vests and I left my sister with just the baby and my nephew had Little Man so I took my niece and we chilled in the lazy river she just sat in my lap and we floated. Then my nephew wanted to go on some slides so I took Little Man and Little Lady over to the kiddie area and let them run around and we let Little Boppy splash in the water for a while. I left Little Lady with her mommy and took Little Man over to go down a mini slide on his inner tube that feeds into the lazy river and I met him at the bottom then I kept letting him go up there on his own since he knew where to go and there was no line. At one point I lost track of him I must have just missed him go down and he was already on his way around the river. I waited and he didn’t seem to be coming around I was a little worried but I knew he would be coming soon so I got out and started walking around and I heard him call me….phew….We went over to play with my niece in the big pool and my nephew met us there we played around and I watched as my nephew teased the younger ones then we started to head over to the pool stairs. I was teasing my already about to melt down niece saying I was going to eat her “pingers” she laughed and would push me away when I did it again she slapped me! I told her “Ouch that hurts! you don’t slap me!” so she took off to her mom. I let my nephew take Little Man and I head to the Lazy River and get a GINORMOUS inner tube and just chill. I must have went around for 20 minutes with my eyes closed just relaxing…..I never wanted to leave………But Reality must be taken care of…..We head over to my sister and that miracle mom had both the kiddos in the stroller and asleep! Well I need to go find myself some Aloe and Noxema I am BURNED! Goodnight all and when you think of me tomorrow say a little prayer for me….. My 1st day back at work in a week and I work with toddlers!


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