#youmightbeanautismparentif An Autism Moms Reveiw of The Amazing Spider-Man

Big Daddy took Little Man and I to go see The Amazing Spider-Man this morning. It was such a Great movie! I loved it! Full of action and PDA and no nudity and I don’t believe there was any bad language at least none that stood out to me. I do feel that this movie is best for ages between 8-10 and up depending on your child’s maturity level. There is a very ugly scary and Violent creature in the movie that may scare younger children and this is a darker movie than the last set of Spider-Man movies. It does not have the lighter comic book feel. There are scary violent lifelike scenes.

Little Man’s Reaction to the Movie:

(SPOILER!!!!!!!! If you do not know the general story of Spider-Man)

I look back in hind site and think maybe Little Man wasn’t ready for one of the scenes in the movie. There is a murder scene in the movie. Having seen the other Spider-Man movies I knew the story line. Little Man has seen the other Spider-Man movies as well but they played the scene in a lighter tone. In this movie it is darker and more dramatic. Little Man covered most of his face and made a small gasp noise, but he kept watching. We tried comforting him as much as possible but he kept shaking his head and growling at us. I left my hand on him for non smothering contact that he accepted for about 15min then pushed it off. Then after the movie tried discussing it with him and let him know feelings are natural and its ok to talk about them. It was Like Pulling Teeth, trying to get him to talk about how he felt he kept growling at us. He told me they made that part of the story wrong and I told him I think so too. I am giving him a break on the subject for right now but will be discussing it with him again later when its not so raw.


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