#youmightbeanautismparentif Little Man vs the Ocean

20120713-123541.jpg This is Little Man taking on the ocean yesterday. With each new wave that would come Little Man would take on this warrior stance, as if he were going in for battle. I stood by and watched as Little Man tackled the waves and called to him when he was going in too deep. He wanted so badly to tackle the bigger waves. He would would take a step further away from the shoreline after each wave had passed and I would have to tell him “Too far Little Man! Come back!” Each time he would make his way back to the shallow waters

20120713-124620.jpg I looked on and it came to mind that Little Man tackling the waves and me having to call him back is a lot like life. He is growing and tackling new obstacles there are times I have to bite my tongue and not pull him back, he needs his room to grow. I am not ready for the day when I have to let him tackle the bigger waves on his own. When it’s time and that day comes I know he will be ready and he will face it like a warrior and when he is victorious he will look at me and say “I SURVIVED!”



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