#YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf You have to use a stroller for your child past toddlerhood.

Tonight I was remembering Little Man as a toddler and the times he got away from me. One of the times we were in the Barnes & Noble and Little Man was about 2 1/2. I was holding his hand and he just started spinning and spinning so I had to let go then he took off before I could grab him. So I am running isle to isle to grab him as he laughs and runs. I was not able to reach Daddy by phone and I was feeling so frustrated I thought I was going to lose my child until thankfully he found the train table! I wanted so badly to have a stroller or a shopping cart. I must have had a lapse in sanity and left the stroller in the car. I used a stroller at church as well because Little Man would insist on running everywhere! He did NOT have a slow mode and he also did not pay attention where he was going I was so worried he would be hit by a car. My most scariest moment of almost losing Little Man happened twice on 2 different occasions was at Legoland. They have a ball cage with cannons that shoot balls and Little Man LOVED it in there and it had multiple exits as well!!!! This ball cage happened to be near a new ride that had opened so I would be getting him out to park the stroller and go get in line and Twice he got away from me and ran to this ball cage. One of the times a staff member tried to tell me I couldn’t go in there with my back pack and I had to go off on the staff member and at the same time keep an eye on my escaping 3 or 4 year old. I was absolutely irate! After that I tried to avoid that area of the park until Little Man matured some. I felt like I would never be able to leave the stroller behind. One day I was able to leave it and Little Man had finally learned to walk and stay near Mommy and Daddy and hold hands in crowds(that was a tough one for him to learn he did not like hand holding) The time that I never thought would end is now something I reminisce on and remember. Although it was frustrating I still love the wild look of freedom and the evil little grin Little Man would have on his face when he would get away from me………..I miss my toddler boy ❤


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