Little Man and his Grandparents

So Little Man has been spending the last 2 weeks with my parents. I am no longer able to have him at my work due to some complications. I changed the location of where I work since my boss owns 2 centers. The center I recently started to work at just started a schoolage program but later on I learned the program did not get licensed for the 24 kids that they wanted they were only licensed for 12. This was bad news because the owner wanted to use the program to bring in a profit but I was not a full paying parent so my son had to go back to the other center. Well this was not easy for me because I work 9-6 and the daycare closes at 6 and I did not have anyone to pick him up before they close. So I asked my parents if they wanted to pick him up everyday or I could pay them to watch him. So my parents are now watching him and he gets 2 grandparents attention and he gets to play wii with my dad and watch movies and go for walks. He LOVES it!!! He doesn’t even want to come home every night! But my parents need the rest. The outcome was great but the whole situation just made my stomach hurt I worried about it until I was able to get everything sorted. I am so thankful that he was able to go to Legoland with my work before he went to my parents he had such a blast there. He is having a great summer time!


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