#youmightbeanautismparentif Your Child Still Has To Wear Floaties in the Pool at 8yrs old.

I have tried many times to try and teach Little Man the basics of dog paddling so he could hold himself up without swimming aides. I did not want something he enjoyed so much to become a war so I just let him have his floaties. I wish that I would have put him in swim lessons when he was 4 but I thought he would eventually catch on. Well now I have an 8 year old that is still reliant on his floaties and his movements are too slow to hold him up even without the floaties. Now I need to play mean Mommy and push him out of his comfort zone and into the pool, so to speak (I would NEVER push him into the pool!). Starting next week I am going to take him swimming and we will be leaving the floaties at home so he can become comfortable in the water without swimming aides. I will also be enrolling him in swim lessons on the 15th and hopefully by the end of summer we will have a fully Aquatic Little Man.


2 thoughts on “#youmightbeanautismparentif Your Child Still Has To Wear Floaties in the Pool at 8yrs old.

  1. my recommendation?? Let him keep the floaties… they are more than just a swimming aide at this point… they are comfort, they are safety… take that away from any “normal” child and you will have a downhill battle on your hands… OUR children are a whole nother battle field. That comfort and safety is our ally, we must learn to craft it and mold it into a tool to achieve the goal we have chosen. You want him to swim confidently without the floaties? First of all this is one of those things that bother’s us as parents and not the kids. I dont want to see my child made fun of because he/she is the only “big kid” in the pool wearing floaties… but are they happy? are they having fun? are they proud of themselves?? YES. Take the floaties away… all of that happiness and confidence goes away with them. Someone once suggested to me with Kaelob to let him wear them but each time he puts them on secretly squeeze a little more air out of them. Slowly they will be deflating. once they run out of air enough for him to take notice, you can explain they broke and see if he chooses to go back in the water on his own. a tantrum might ensue, pouting, defiance… who knows…but whatever emotion he chooses to act upon is okay bc it will NOT change the situation… the floaties have deflated and are no more. The important thing is that it becomes HIS choice. Giving our boys a sense of control in their lives is SO empowering and makes all the difference in the world. Floaties give him a sense of control… CHOOSING to go back in the water because he realizes he was swimming with them practically out of air… priceless.

    Good luck mama! Lets get the kiddos together for swimming sometime!!

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