Farewell to a Special Friend who touched my Life and pointed me in the right direction.

I was sad to learn that a friend of mine passed this week. Life lead us different directions and she moved away from my area about 5 years ago and we did not keep in contact, but I kept up with her on Facebook. I will call her a Mentor, she was THE PERSON. She was the one that said “Does your son have Aspergers?” when he was 2 and she was babysitting him. I said “What is that?” She explained it to me and I told her honestly I didn’t know. She started to share with me the story of her little man and the discovery of him having aspergers. I am so thankful that she talked with me and although I didn’t immediately have Little Man tested her words stayed with me and made me feel that everything would be ok, even if the diagnosis was Aspergers. I knew her son and I was amazed when she told me he had Aspergers because he didn’t strike me as different than any other child. Back in September I found out that my Mentor had injured herself and now had amnesia so I wrote to her as if she didn’t know who I was. I told her about our conversation and how much it meant to me and that we were finally having Little Man tested for Autism. She wrote back and told me that my letter brought her to tears and she was thankful that I wrote to her. She also went on to say how important for us as parents to share our joy and pains with other parents. Friends I almost didn’t write her. This is the second time in my life that I have ever felt a persistent urgency. I started to write the letter about 3 times and kept erasing it then I finally wrote it and pressed send. I am thankful I did or I would never have gotten the chance to tell her what she meant to me. She was a wonderful person and I will always remember her as my Mentor.


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