Spitting and Stimming or Anger and Deffiance???!!!!!!

So Lately Little Man has taken to making raspberry spitting noises when we say things he doesn’t like. I have spoken with him many times about this behavior but tonight it really got on my nerves and it is too much of a coincidence for it to be stimming he does it when he is angry and it is not ok. So tonight I told him every time he spits at me I will take a toy…..he stopped spitting. Then he was brushing his teeth in the dinning room and I told him go to the bathroom….he spit…..So I went for the gold and took his favorite toy “Optimus Primal” and I am holding hostage till he learns. He became so angry he spit 5 more times and I took 5 more toys…..Silence……….I hope this lesson will be a quick one…….


5 thoughts on “Spitting and Stimming or Anger and Deffiance???!!!!!!

  1. We do exactly the same as a punishment. And I find it hard becoz they are part of his OCDs. But for unacceptable behaviour there has to be a consequence. Hard but the right thing to do. It’ll come good in the end, I’m sure. Best of luck.

    • Thank you! We went over it again this morning to see what he learned. I asked him what is a better way and he said “to growl” I said not really. Then I told him he can said “That makes me angry” He said “I can’t say that!” I said “Than you can’t earn your toys back.” He is still thinking about it.

  2. My son goes to his room or his brothers’ room and poops on the floor when I/we make him angry. I’ve told him it’s disgusting, and now I take away his special privileges when he does this. I also have made him stand in a corner as a means of stopping the behavior. He is also required to clean it up by himself. So far, this stops the behavior for a day or two, then he goes right back. I’m trying to get him to express that he is mad, and the only reason I can think of why he does it is because he knows it makes me mad and its the only thing he has “control” over. I hope that as he gets older that this will only be a stage. I don’t know what else to do.

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