Mothers Day Card From Little Man

Little Man’s Mothers day card to me is sweet and EXTREMELY COMICAL! The back of the card is a ditto sheet that had pre-printed on it:

These are the reasons why I love my mom:

My mom is as ____________as a _______________

So these are the reasons why Little man Loves his mommy:

My mom is as Big as ahouse thats buttufl (beautiful)

My mom is as buttufl as a ladybug

My mom is as cyute as a stralbary (strawberry)

My mom is as stroing as a resler (strong as a wrestler)

This one is the one the teacher helped him with, he was probably feeling bad for me. It is in the teachers hand writing:

My mom is as beautiful as a bunny

My mom is as lovely as a hort (heart)

Although these are not wonderful words of love I would want to hear from my husband coming from Little Man they are just right. When I read the first one out loud I think Little Man heard my question in my voice and said “A Beautiful house mommy”. Yes Little Man adding that does make it all better I may be big but my Little Man thinks I am beautiful and that is all that matters to me. In the inside of the card Little Man drew a Butterfly and a Pillow on the left hand side and the right hand side reads in Little Man’s handwriting My Mom is as silly as a pillow. Love Little Man

That’s me Little Man’s Mommy ❤


2 thoughts on “Mothers Day Card From Little Man

  1. This touched me. I know I often wonder what my son, who is also high functioning, thinks of me. I often wonder if he loves me like I love him. I can’t wait until he starts school and gets the opportunity to express words of love for me.

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