Creating Social Interactions for Little Man

We are having a yard sale at our apartments in the carport. We were letting Little Man stay in the house watching Beast Wars but I told Big Daddy to bring him down and he didn’t want to he said there was nothing for him to do. Our neighbors have a little boy older than Little Man and they go to the same school so I thought it would be good to introduce them. I had Little Man bring down his ipod so he could have something to show the neighbor kid and talk about and share with him. It didn’t go as expected. I think Neighbor Boy is old enough to see how different Little Man is. I helped him introduce himself and Neighbor Boy told him his name and I told him they go to the same school and if they see each other they can say hello. Then I opened the door of communication by telling Little Man to show Neighbor Boy his Sonic game and then let him try it. It went well Little Man was doing his best to explain the game and then when it came time he wanted to show the Neighbor Boy something instead of letting him play and I told him no now its his turn. The Neighbor Boy said it was fine he didn’t want to try it, then Little Man offered it to him he still said no. Then he left. I may have done something wrong oh well, we tried. Maybe they will see each other at school and talk. It could happen.


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