The only thing to Fear is yadayadayada……….

Little Man has been having a difficult time falling asleep at night  because he is scared of spiders in his room. He has to have the hall light on as well or he screams “Turn the hall light on I’m scared!” I have always done my best as a parent to encourage bravery from the very beginning with Little Man but I also did try to comfort him when he was genuinely scared. I did not want Little Man to have the amount of fears that I had as a kid I know how real they can feel. I tried from the very beginning to keep Little Man from feeling scared of the dark by not EVER using a nightlight when he was an infant. 2 reasons I did not use a night light #1 I heard it is better for eye development to give the eyes down time without light on while children sleep. #2 I didn’t want him to fear the dark like I did. This method worked until Little Man was 3 then he started to request to keep his door open a little but not every night and I would turn the light off and leave it off if he didn’t speak up. By the time he was 4 1/2 it was a full blown fear. My fear left such a big impression on me that it is not easily forgotten. I had nightmares about falling off the 2nd story of the mall because the railing was missing and my fear of the dark was intensified because my sister used to use the bathroom and if she heard me coming she would crawl really fast down the hall hitting the ground I would practically wet my pants because I could not see her coming. When I would wake up from a nightmare at night I would cry in hopes that my parents would hear me because I was too scared to get out of the bed in the dark then I would cry harder because they didn’t hear me and I felt lonely, this happened with Little Man once but both Big Daddy and I woke up and comforted Little Man.  These fears were not something I wanted Little Man to experience I still to this day have a hard time standing next to the railing at the mall.  Like Little Man I also had a fear of spiders but I had an even bigger fear of Snakes! I would have snake dreams and I still do every now and then. So far I don’t think Little Man has had a spider dream at least I hope not. Little Man and I both shared the same fear of the vacuum cleaner I think his was more to do with the noise and mine had to do with the spinner brush, my sister used to pick it up and show it to me and tell me she was going to suck me up! I always give Little Man a warning when I am going to vacuum. I don’t want Little Man to feel crippled by his fear the way I have. As a teen I started to challenge my fear I have stood in high places and just stayed there to feel my fear and acknowledge it. I have pet a snake. I even have stood by the railing at the mall and felt my fear even at 30 I feel my stomach drop when I do this. I try to only help Little Man exercise his when he is willing. Tonight I did tell him lights out because he was playing and wasn’t falling asleep and thankfully he accepted it. I feel like the bad guy…..


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