My story about being bullied #bullying

Hello my name is Caryn and this is my story about being bullied in school. I started kindergarten shortly after turning 5 I was an overweight child and at this point I really didn’t know there was anything different about me. I was a blissfully unaware happy, shy, and overweight child. Unfortunately I did not remain unaware for long kids were quick to point out to me that I was different and I had no clue how to respond. There were times when I cried or ran away and hid. I didn’t know why I was being called names or teased. Things did not change as I got older they only got worse. I never had more than 2 friends at a time in school I was not very good at socializing and being picked on only made me even more socially awkward. I was called the typical names Fatso being the more popular name at the time and as I got older kids became more creative latching on to anything they could. One year for Halloween my Mom made me a Carrot costume I was called “Caryn the Carrot” for the rest of the school year. In 4th grade there was a situation that was not my best moment but I finally reached my boiling point with a certain girl bully. We were in the same group for a class project and she was incessantly teasing me. I told the substitute teacher and he would give her little warnings but she wouldn’t stop and I finally said a very snide comment that made her cry and she told the teacher. The teacher than told me that he had helped me before when she was being mean to me and now since I was mean back he was not going to help me anymore (that is what I heard not exactly what he said but I was livid yet felt very justified by my own actions). As I reached Jr high the taunting was worse and it was everywhere I could barely walk down the hall or do P.E. without hearing rude comments. I heard “Boom Boom Boom is that an earthquake oh no that’s just Caryn”. I would be picked last for sports and I would be cursed at while walking down the hall, for who knows why?! Everything boiled up inside of my from years of bullying and abuse and in 7th grade I lost it. A friend of mine was getting on my nerves I used my words and asked her to leave me alone and for whatever reason she would not and I hit her on the shoulder she didn’t tell the teacher on me but she did bring me to mediation and I refused to talk and walked out. This was my first time ever hitting someone other than a sibling and I rarely ever did that. I am not a physical person. A little while later my best friend decided to hang with the enemy the future cheerleaders the perfect girls that looked down their noses at the fat chick. She wanted me to leave the “Loser” table and hang with her new friends and I told her no they are my friends and your new friends don’t like me. So we parted ways and I requested from my Mom to put me on home school because I was done with the bullies and I had now lost my best friend. I was put on home school and my grades improved and I graduated a year early from high school. In a perfect non bullying world I would have been able to go to high school and enjoy all of those wonderful high school experiences like prom and grad night but due to bullying and the stress it caused me I was not able to experience those things. Home school was my only option. The only place I was safe from ridicule and pain. I am Caryn and this is my story. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “My story about being bullied #bullying

  1. I can understand everything u went through. Having Aspergers Syndronme I was picked on as well. I was called so many things and treated like a I was less than dirt. Everyone goes through this. I like to believe that every victim’s story helps to inspire others in the fact that they are not alone and if they can find the strength to go on with their life then others will follow.
    This is why I always base my main characters as bulky victims. People need to understand that bullying is unacceptable. No one deserves to be treated like that. Ur story is so inspiring. Never be afraid to tell others about it. It helps so much.

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