2 Birthday Parties, Drama, Candy, and Houses you see on Pinterest

I started off Saturday Morning waking up early so that I could make pasta salad for my nephews birthday. I fed Little Man, put on a Muppet Movie and showered/dressed. I had been in pain where I last injured myself so my brother inlaw adjusted and worked out the knots and tension in my back. We then raced around getting everyone showered and dressed and dealing with a tantrum from my niece. We adjusted the car to make everyone fit then we waited…….waited……waited for my brother in law to come to the car then we left an hour late and we still had a 45min drive to do. We arrived at my nephews party to drama between my Dad and Brother. My nephew had injured himself (it could have been really serious but he was ok) my Dad didn’t like how my brother dealt with the situation. My brother took his son out of the crowd of people and went to examine him to make sure he was ok, leaving my Dad out to worry about his grandson and feeling useless. This did not set well with Dad. Thankfully they started talking after I arrived so I went in and saw my Nephew and said Hello but he would not let me hold him. So the party was full of candy, junkfood, cake, and soda. Little Man loved it! I spent most of the time trying to keep him away from the food table. When we finally left he was wired! We left to pick up gift cards for a party my nephew had to go to and I ended up with the cake in my lap when my Brother in Law took a quick turn….. Luckily the frosting was not over creamy it wiped right off! After we picked up the cards and had to search for the gift cards right after my brother in law bought them we were ready to find the house. The house was in an area where the houses are far apart and gated and most of the people that live in this area have horses the houses were all different styles and very ornate (I was having a “were not in kansas anymore” moment). We FINALLY arrived at the right place then we had to wait till they opened the security gate. Finally at the house and since it’s only an hour before its over so they invite us in for cake and ice cream. I feel completely uncomfortable to go in but I wanted so badly to see the inside of this house. We go in and it is gorgeous!!! When I go out back there is a beautiful pool area and just past the pool everything drops off and there is beautiful mountain views beyond I wish my phone hadn’t been dead I would have taken a picture. This house was the type you drool over on Pinterest. I was thankful Little Man spent a good chunk of time on a porch swing they had near the pool I gave him a small bowl of ice cream and he was extremely content. Finally it was dark and kids were all getting back in the pool Little Man asked if he could go in and so did my niece but it was way too windy or we might have considered letting them. We found a water gun and my son and niece had fun playing shoot the teenager. Near the end the teenagers started to see how many teenagers they could fit in the spa and Little Man was trying to fill the water gun and kept getting splashed then he would yell. So I kept pulling him away. Little Man became cold so we went inside and I let him have a sugar cookie, to keep him from having more cake. I was able to make some small talk with the parents and one of the moms was very nice especially when I told her who I was, apparently she really likes my sister. By the time we finally packed into the car and were heading home I so mentally and emotionally drained I just wanted to lay down and relax but my brother inlaw decided a debate would be better…..welcome to my world…..


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