I had a Sensory Aversion Moment and now I know it’s NOT funny.

I never knew what it was like for Little Man when he had his Sensory Aversion to the point of throwing up. I didn’t understand how just by seeing Jello wiggle he would dry heave. Well right now at this moment that I write this I can say “I Understand” and I feel awful for having ever laughed before. Yes I admit I am guilty for snickering when Little Man made his face at watching me eat jello. I am not laughing now. So today a coworker had her kids playing with banana and flour mixing it looked like banana bread dough and it smelled strongly of bananas and that was fine. What she wanted me to do while she was on break seemed ok until I did it and I thought I was going to loose my breakfast. I had to scrape excess dough off the kids hands so they can wash BLECH!!!!! I love sensory stuff! All sorts colors and textures I crave it!!! I don’t even gross out when changing a diaper but today banana and flour made me sick!!!! I am still a little quesy. Now I say Sorry Little Man Mommy should never have laughed I understand now.


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