#YouMightBeAnAutismParentif Other people excuse your childs behavior But your not always able to.

We went to eat after taking Little Man to Frys to spend his Bday $$$$. After we were done eating and Little Man wanted to refill his drink and that was fine he knows how. I was not fine with him leaning over in front of the bowl an employee had set down so she could refill her drink. He also stepped in front of her cutting her off to throw away his broken lid and get a new one. He was so hyperfocused he didn’t see her or notice her. She was ok with it but this can be seen as rude and I want him to be more aware of his surroundings and if he makes a mistake to be able to say I am sorry. My Little boy is going to be an adult one day and I won’t always be there. I had to stop him and show him look there is a lady there you can’t just lean in front of her that is rude. The lady sayed it’s ok and another older lady just gave Little Man a sweet look like awwww. I hate when people look at me like I am being mean or why can’t you just let him be a Little Boy…. If they only knew……


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