#youmightbeanautismparentif Learning to let my child be Autistic

Not sure if I have my thoughts completely pulled together to write this blog but I am going to try. I may update it again later so be sure to check back. I found out Little Man has High Functioning Autism at the end of this past year. Since then I have been immersing myself in “what is Autism” so that I can educate myself. I want to know what behaviors ARE Autism and will not change because they are comforting to him such as flapping (he barely does this) and Echolalia (Mainly does this at home). I don’t want to change the things that are part of who he is even though they can be considered embarrassing. I DO want to make sure I discipline him for inappropriate, or rude, and dangerous behavior. I also am trying to train Big Daddy into understanding what behaviors we should tell him to stop and which ones to just ignore. Big Daddy doesn’t understand Echolalia and sometimes Little Man’s Echolalia kicks in and he is being rude so it is really hard to discipline him I just tell him what your saying is rude! So that he can change it but he is so often wrapped up in stimming when he does it that he can’t focus on what I say that much. I have also noticed being firm and disciplinarian during his Stimming his behaviors will actually get stronger. I try my best to correct his rude behavior when he is not stimming and when he is I do my best to talk to him Without anger in my voice in hopes that I am getting through to him. I have also learned to accept the embarrassing comments he makes and if people don’t understand I explain to them. I don’t want him to ever think that I didn’t accept him or that I want to change him. We all speak of acceptance and I think acceptance should be less of us expecting them to change and more of us changing our expectations
-Caryn Jacobs (Feel Free to Quote Me!). My child+Autism=Perfection


2 thoughts on “#youmightbeanautismparentif Learning to let my child be Autistic

  1. Hi. I totally understand what u mean. We got our diagnosis 6yesrs ago and we’ve come on massively to where I ever thought we’d be. But the one struggle in our lives is the relationship between him and his dad!!! His dad just doesn’t get it. Infact we’ve just had a massive melt down at home. And all because his dad refuses to see the world through his eyes. Which is terribly sad. And it’s lead to our relationship break down and continual arguing. It tears me apart when someone who’s supposed to support him, is one of the main reasons he has his melt downs at home. Anyways, you made some very good and truthful points. And it’s always helpful to know there are others that know where u come from and understand your situations, when it feels like so many people don’t.

    • I totally get that. Little Man and his dad do not mesh well. They have a lot in common but dad always feels he has to be an authoritarian and at times it seems like he just feels inconvenienced by Little Man. The morning times are the hardest when I ask for a little help getting Little Man ready in the morning daddy often ends up making him meltdown or become defiant when he had been in a perfectly good mood. FRUSTRATING! I just do my best to create normalcy for Little Man yet uphold that Daddy is Daddy and we have to listen to him………..unless mommy thinks daddy is being ridiculous LOL!

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