#youmightbeanautismparent if you aren’t JUST a parent you are a jack of all trades.

I am an Autism parent. As an Autism parent I find myself being more than just a parent. I have had to be many things for my son this is a list of a few of those things.
*A Barber (due to my sons sensitivities he has very few haircuts outside of the home)
*A Therapist/Occupational therapist (I am recent to the Autism world but I knew my son was different and I also tried my best to help him with his texture aversions I tried providing safe environments for him to try touching things like in the tub then he could easily wash it off and with his angry fits I found books and helped him learn healthy boundaries I tought him feeling words and how to use them)
*Doctor/Dietitian (Putting Little Man on antibiotics was something I never liked doing so I started to research different ways to keep Little Man from getting sinus infections and an alternative to treating Ear infections. I also did research and tried to put Little Man on a specific diet to prevent having to put him on meds but in the end the diet did not work.)
*A Teacher/Tutor (In order for Little Man to learn faster and keep up with the other kids in his class I have had to be a teacher/tutor for Little Man.)
*Speech Therapist/Interpreter (I have had to help Little Man many of times with his speech and I have also had to interpret what he says to other people so they can understand him)
*Personal organizer (Helping him declutter and get rid of unplayed with toys and organize the toys he keeps.)
*Computer teacher (Teaching him how to type, email, and navigate the internet)
*Personal stylist (I dress him daily)
*Friend (who else is there for him to play with?)
I am sure there are more but I am extremely tired and I am about to fall asleep. Good night.


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