Little Man’s Birthday

Little Man’s Birthday is Sunday. I have been contemplating and trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday. I don’t want to get him just another toy. We went through and decluttered his room last week and I don’t want to get him more toys that will be all over his room or not get played with. So after putting a lot of thought into it and having promised him I would buy him a real one after selling his toy one we are getting Little Man an electric guitar. He really loved his guitar but played it sporadically and he is to the age he can learn to play. So I thought it best to invest in a real one that can hold a tune. Thankfully I have a brother that know guitars and was able to help me choose a brand and figure out witch used one would be the best choice. So we are picking it up on saturday I hope Little Man enjoys it. He loved listening to my brother play as a toddler and would watch him intensely then he would cry when my brother stopped. Now I just need to find time to get him lessons for the guitar and piano and later I want him to learn drums he has a natural rhythm and beat. I have high hopes and musical talent runs in the family on both sides.


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