Let it be.

I am sitting outside on a porch swing under a beautiful tree and listening to the birds and this phrase from a popular song set in my head “Let it be”. So I decided to ponder on this topic and thought it would make a good blog entry. Have you had a day where it felt like you were just always redirecting, training, or saying no then having to deal with the meltdown that ensues? I know it feels like that’s all we do as parents of special needs. This is not the case! We do so much more! Take a moment and watch your child when they are playing quietly. Just Let it be. Observe them look for something you knew they couldn’t do a week or a month ago. Watch how they interact if they are playing with a sibling. Just take time and Let it be. Have a reflective moment write down what you see. The next time you do it you can compare notes. Let it be. Celebrate the progress! You are doing an amazing job!


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