Oh Crap!!!!! I frogot to give him Meds!!!!!

Today I forgot to give Little Man his meds…..Oops! I know from the last time I did this that Little Man can handle it better than he could in 1st grade. Last time I forgot to give him his meds he stepped on a milk bag in the cafeteria and it splattered everywhere! LOL! So today as soon as I realized my mistake I called the school and his teacher said he didn’t even notice…… Well what was I worried about?! I tried calling the teacher near the end of the day but I didn’t get a hold of him. According to Little Man he had a great day! He did his homework like normal, Unheard of!!!! He also read quietly at afterschool care during homework time!!!! I spoke with Big Daddy and the next time we go to the Dr we are going to discuss with him the process we should take in reducing his meds. He has grown so much this year and developed a lot of self control and is way less impulsive than he was last year. I have high hopes that by 5th grade Little Man can be medication free! He will be a happy Little Man!! I am one proud MAMA!!


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