Mom Spring Cleaning ~vs~ Little Man’s room

I was just at the Dollar Tree…..Talk about frivolous spending!!! I tried to go in just for toothpaste LOL! Yeah Right! So I went in for Toothpaste and spent $30!! I am dangerous in cheap stores that’s why I stay away from Walmart!!! So I found these cute tubs to go on Little Man’s shelf. I really want to buy the ones from Ikea but since they are $10 a piece at Ikea and these are only a $1 each I went with them. I was going to get all blue but Little Man decided he like the red too so I bought both colors. This shelf is one of the best pieces of furniture I have ever bought it has saved my sanity! Little Man’s room still tends to get messy but not as often nor as awful as it used to. So I finally bought matching bins and spent about an hour organizing and deciding which toys to put in the bins and which ones would stay in the collective tubs. Getting matching bins and having Little Man’s room organized and cute has been a goal of mine since we moved into our first apartment when Little Man was 3. On Friday I will be taking out the bags of toys for giveaway and yard sale and Little Man’s room will have a sense of normalcy again!! He will have room to play with his toys again! Hopefully when we move again there will be room for another shelf just like this one then all of his toys can go into little bins instead of being in a collective toy box.


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