#youmightbeanautismparentif My dad used the “R” word…………..#AutismAwareness

Ok so it’s the Friday night before Easter and my dad is talking about the town he lived in had a special school for deaf and special needs children and he stated he had a lot of “Rword” friends. I went off and said “I do not like that word! My son is not retarded!” My sister had to step in and explain because she knew the situation would get ugly fast. Unfortunately as older people do, he stood by his “That’s what I know to call it I don’t know technical names and that’s what I say and I never agreed with what they say Little Man is.” So I just reiterate to my Dad Little Man is Autistic not the “Rword” I don’t like that word. He still didn’t understand that by clumping all of his special needs childhood friends under that word he was also labeling his grandchild with that word whether or not he wants to accept Little Man’s diagnosis. He is my dad and I love him I hope one day he can accept Little Man diagnosis and all but at least he loves Little Man deeply and would do anything for him. I am jealous of that because my Grandma looked at me and saw flaws. I am glad I do not have to worry about that for Little Man. It is hard to be the one to educate your family in Autism Awareness I am so emotionally involved that I feel, speak, then think and I often times say the wrong thing. I hope that with me continually educating them about Little Man and his progress and why he does or says certain things they will eventually understand and accept the diagnosis as well as they accept Little Man.


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