Easter Family Chaos……..I mean fun!

Saturday Morning I woke up to 5 dogs barking and 2 kids Laughing and screaming in turn. Such happy chaos so I made the kids Scrambled eggs and then fed them while I started making Fruity Pebble Waffles! Then made more scrambled eggs (for the adults). After breakfast I was going to put on Puss & Boots but when I pushed the eject button the PS3 made an Awful noise and nothing happened. My dad and sister sat down and proceeded to take it apart. We finally had 2 dvds fall out then we put it back together and connected it. My sister tried to put Puss & Boots in but it wouldn’t go so she pushed eject and ANOTHER DVD popped out!!! My 2yr old niece had Shoved 3 movies in! Its funny cause every one the night before had stopped he from playing with the PS3 but she had still outwitted them and shoved them in! We watched the movie. I did laundry the kids kept fighting over the kid size recliner and the leapster neither one of them wanting to share. Little Man took his shower then it came time to get him dressed he was stimming and was having a hard time dressing himself but he didn’t want help so I had to sit and watch after he finally had everything on but his pants he tried to leave the room and I had to tell him he could not leave the room til his pants were on. Then I also had him brush his hair and he looked very handsome. Now that everyone finally was here and dressed and the excitement had calmed down my niece had become entangled in a wire so I started towards her in case she needed help it looked like she would be fine. Unfortunately right before I could help her she grabbed the wire with both hands and yanked! The infuser flew sending water everywhere and glass crashing everyone came running and I yelled “She’s ok!” Then picked her up. The glass didn’t break and Shay seemed fine so I put her down she took 2 steps and fell apart crying! I hugged her and we got her a cup and layed her down for a nap. Never a dull moment. The rest of the day went well it was fun and uneventful(LOL) the sink broke while we were cooking, we had dinner, an Easter Egg hunt, and colored eggs(Shay spilled the green coloring all over). Then we decorated Peep Houses and Shay enjoyed throwing the edible grass all over while Little Man kept opening eggs and not eating the egg……… Baths for everyone and bed but the adults stayed up talking till 2:00am.


2 thoughts on “Easter Family Chaos……..I mean fun!

    • Thank you we had fun making them if you ever try it the trick is using a thick royal icing if you make it too thin it won’t dry fast and you will be holding the darn crackers into place forever!! Thank You for checking out my blog!

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