#AutismAwareness For Little Man and Me #youmightbeanautismparentif You feel the same way

#AutismAwareness for Little Man and Me. We deal with Autism on a daily basis and I know today is about educating those around us what Autism is like and not like. I feel that today I need to clarify for myself what Autism is and is not for me as well.  So I have a few things I want to say as an Autism Parent: Having an Autistic child does not make me a Martyr or a Saint. I am a parent with an Autistic kid we struggle but we manage. I don’t care what possible “Causes” may have “Caused” my child to be Autistic. Dwelling on what may have “Caused” his Autism is futile and pointless. My son is Autistic Lets move on! Please Don’t feel it’s necessary to try and find common ground with me “…my second cousin has an autistic child…..” You’re a parent and I am a parent, that is what we have in common (once again) Lets move on. My son does not have a disease, is not broken, nor can he be cured. With patience, love, and consistency he will learn to adapt and function. No I do not actually wish my son was not Autistic all the unique things that my son does that I absolutely love about him are related to his Autism…….. Every Day is a struggle to find the perfect balance and routine in hopes that Little Man will be happy and easy going. I praise him when he does good and I try to remain positive and I even resort to what other parents call bribing. I call it encouragement. Some days I am not successful and some days everything goes smoothly. I am a mom raising a child on the spectrum I do not wear a cape but I must have super powers because I am not sure how I get through the day sometimes. We are a typical family with a not so typical Little Man.


2 thoughts on “#AutismAwareness For Little Man and Me #youmightbeanautismparentif You feel the same way

  1. I agree with you 100%. My child is my child and I love her the way she is! I don’t wish her to be anyone else. I will help her try to adapt to “normal” life as best as possible but she is who she is and she’s not going to be anything but her. 🙂

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