#youmightbeanautismparentif You know no amount of yelling or screaming or flying off the handle is going to express to your child the Danger of their actions.

So we were finally done moving my sister. All of us were running on empty so all of our judgments were pretty cloudy. I told my son to stay in the car and watch the movie…… At least I think I did… Then I went to help unpack and plug my phone in. I had just sent my nephew to the car on a mission when I hear my sister yell and I went into the garage and I catch what had happened. Little Man and 2 year old cousin were getting out of the car. No problem if we had parked in the driveway. But my mom parked 1st so we were on the street and they had to get out street side. Little Man know to go straight to the sidewalk but Shay doesn’t and she wasn’t about to do what Little Man says either so she was in the street and a car was coming. I am sure she was not in danger because the car was going slow but like all mothers we are protective. So my sister on her last string of sanity almost lost it. She tried talking to Little Man and letting him know how dangerous it was for him to let her out but I think he just wanted to go in the house and kept walking. I stopped him and talked to him again although I felt like yelling I knew he wouldn’t hear me so I discussed with him what could have happened and what should happen if he ever is in that situation again. I will continue discussing road safety with him every time we go to their house as well so that he can be more aware.


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