App Review The worlds MOST ANNOYING APP!!!

So I was going through my sisters phone looking at apps. Little Man said he wanted the app with the orange. BIG MISTAKE #1 I downloaded the app without first watching it on my sisters phone. MISTAKE #2 I didn’t take the name of the app into consideration. OH! What’s the name of the app you ask?! Annoying Orange!!!!! It is the cornniest most annoying app I have ever had the misfortune of downloading and the humor matches my sons sense of humor to the “T”! Unfortunately for Little Man if I didn’t delete it I was tempted to take out my frustration on his ipod. Little Man just discovered my “Evil Mommy act” as I started to write this blog and he is none too happy. He yelled at me and told me to put it back. I just told him why I deleted it and I told him he has other videos to watch so he walked out. PHEW! I think he let me off easy but I am not sure I have heard the last of it….


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