#youmightbeanautismparentif You would do anything to get your child to do thier Homework, even teach them to type.

This morning I decided to have Little Man start his typing lessons http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/ He took to it like a fish to water! He complained a little but he really liked his progress and it was fun and new to him. He completed the 3 levels in the stage 1 section and would have kept going if it was for the brunch I made. When we came back to the computer Little Man was enthusiastic about doing his homework and quickly wrote a paragraph narrative about last weeks sleep over. Writing sentences and doing contractions took a lot longer but the amount of time didn’t seem to matter to Little Man. We let him take a break earlier so Big Daddy could use the computer. When the movie ended and Big Daddy was done I went in the room and Little Man was back at the computer doing his homework! This is the most enthused I have ever seen him! I think that writing is so monotonous to him he just wants to get it over with he doesn’t even focus on his work the way he should but with the typing he can focus more on his work. I have also seen a big improvement in his creativity although he is very fascinated with the dead. He seems to be trying to fit the word “dead” into every sentence! I am allowing him his creativity and he can write about dead but NO Killing! So he is sticking to my rules and he is going slowly but surely. I just told him to focus and he told me “you need to focus on yourself.” Yeah we need to have a talk on rudeness…again……


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