#YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf You Feel Like You Fought a Battle Instead of Being in an IEP Meeting!

So today was another IEP meeting for Little Man’s education. I was able to meet the Autism Therapist that will be helping Little Man with Social/Life Skills and Big Daddy was finally able to meet Little Mans new Teacher/Sub. I am really impressed with the care he is taking in the classroom trying meet the needs of all the kids and that he wanted to attend the meeting so he can better help my child. Any teacher that puts my child 1st is going to get my vote of approval. So the  meeting went well but I did have to speak up to make sure my wants were heard. Little Man has Sensory Issues and what I thought were Auditory Processing issues but they now believe that they are probably more sensory issue that also affects his auditory, but they are going to be having the Occuaptional Therapist come in and review him and see if there is anything she can do to help him. I also let the Therapist know what I observed with Little Mans conversations with other kids on Friday and that I was trying to help him with it so that she can continue to help him with that. The fact that they listened and acknowledged my concerns made me content. I feel that the meeting was also helpful to Little Mans teacher he was able to speak concerns and learn some new ways to help Little Man in the classroom. Although I feel like I did battle I know I came out the victor and I am glad to see we are all on the same page.

PS Big Daddy thought I was about to get angry in the meeting but I kept my cool 🙂


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