#YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf you feel the need to go with their child on a class field trip or they can’t go.

I fought with the idea of my son going on the class field trip without me or my husband going and I couldn’t fathom it. If I knew my child’s teacher was going I would have no problem, but Little Man had a sub all week and it didn’t look like his teacher would be back by Friday. So I forget to turn in all necessary papers on thursday and I finally get the clearance from my boss to go. I show up at the school today feeling like a party crasher but no way can I send my son with a new teacher to walk around the Safari Park with him or a random parent. I met the teacher this morning and I felt very comfortable with him. I found out right away that he is going to be in the class till May 24th and he was planning on sending out a note to the parents. I asked him if he knew that Little Man is Autistic and he said “Yes he had heard that. High Functioning Obviously.” Then without the Special Ed Teachers consent I invited him to the meeting with the Autism Therapist. (I don’t know how she will feel about that ) He told me I was the 4th parent and I may need to pay $10. He had told the other parents to bring a few bucks each in case that happened so the 4th parent doesn’t get stuck with the bill. All in all the day went well I had a great group of Lolligaggers and that suited just fine! Little Man was the group Leader holding his map and telling everyone where we were going next and the kids even got to speak with an employee and ask her lots of questions during a lull in traffic. They really enjoyed seeing Monroe the new baby Gorilla! I enjoyed seeing Little Man interact with the kids and other kids saying hi to him and talking around him and I hear him talking but he isn’t directing his conversation to the person he means to and speaking in a tone they can hear so a couple of times I asked him “who are you talking to?” Then I corrected him so that he can communicate more effectively. There were a lot of kids coming by to talk this morning I wonder if he always gets that big group formed around him or if it was curiosity because of a parent? Well I think his teacher is a perfect fit and for once his school did something right!


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