#YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf These people are in charge of my sons education?!

Wednesday we will be having a meeting with the Autism coach or specialist. I was excited but I am having mixed feelings and am becoming discouraged with my sons school in general. I detest the entire district and the many ways it failed me and my siblings in the past 25-30 years and now I am watching it fail my son. I am really angry. Not with the IEP team or anything but the entire school and its carelessness and unprofessionalism. My son was late to the bus. Him and another child were not at the bus on friday where they know to go and the driver waited 10 minutes and he had to leave. So he called my the office and they just assumed Little Man was picked up by Dad(it was a mistake but I don’t blame my coworker for making it she also admitted that she should have asked me she did not blame). The school was having a jogathon and kept the kids late and they missed their bus. The teacher that had them left them outside in the pickup area not even thinking that their bus had already left so they just sat outside waiting……. My sons daycare never received a call that they needed to be picked up and my husband received a call about 50 min after school had been out saying my son is in the office waiting to be picked up. I called the school and started to chew them out and they blamed my daycare (wow way to own up right?) So I told my boss and she called the school and stuck it to them telling them the kids need to be at the bus on time! Its very sad when a school treats a parent with no respect but if someone more official calls them they back pedal. So I told Little Man to go to the office right away if the bus isn’t where it should be and his friends are gone and we will be writing letters and emails and calling the principal. I am also making plans to move hopefully in the next 3 months and putting Little Man into the same Private school my nephew goes to. I hope and prayed we get this house and can move soon….


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